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The End of Days....in Paraguay

My friends standing on the side of the road in Argentina
Well after my last entry we decided to head into town to grab some coffee. We walked back the way we came the night before, and I have to say in daylight it is completely different looking. Much less dangerous since you can see where you´re going. The Argentine independence parade was going on but we skipped it to grab some delicious coffee con leche. We also grabbed some delicious donuts, original and covered in sugar. Walking back Eric and Jordan made fun of the fact that I didn't even realize that there was a humongous concrete tower next to our hostel. Turns out that's how we got back safe, by using it as our point of reference. Hopping in a cab we headed for the border.

Street sign for the border crossing between Paraguay and Argentina
Going across was a hassle and a half. We walked the bridge to the Argentina exit point and made it through ok before we realized we couldn't do the same for the Paraguay entry. We had to fight and claw our way onto the bus Amazing Race style and I thought for sure that we would be crushed, left behind, or worse stuck with some smelly persons ass in our face. The three of us made it on in one piece and by some miracle we made it off the bus as well. I thought for sure that I would lose my arm as I muscled and dragged my bag behind me. We stood on line for a while longer (the Argentine line took close to an hour) and after long we were just looking forward to a seat and a meal. Standing with a 40lb bag and carrying a 15lb smaller bag is no joke.
Trying to stay warm in winter in Paraguay

Slowly we made our way back to Paraguay, grabbed a meal and got on the bus to Villa Florida.
By the time we got to Villa Florida it was dark and we walked to Jesus´ house by far the nicest one in all of peace corp. We ate delicious fish soup and piranha empanadas watched more Entourage and went to sleep. Or tried to at least. It was so cold that I gave my cold weather gear to Jordan including my sleeping bag and roughed it on the bed. I figured since I had the bed it would be ok but I was wrong. We were miserable in the morning and watched more Entourage, ate bread, and headed for the bus by 1. The bus broke down twice on the way to Asuncion and there were so many people on the bus it was nearly unbearable. To top it all off the driver dropped my bag in a giant puddle of mud, specifically the back of the bag, so I couldn't even put it on because it was soaking wet and I wasn't interested in getting my jacket/pillow filthy on my last day here. So Jordan helped me put it in the magical black sack that mom purchased to protect the bag from baggage handlers on the airlines which unfortunately just is like a gigantic messenger bag. Getting on the city bus was no joke and I had to have Jordan help shove my bag to get on the bus. Eric helped by carrying it off the bus and I managed to get 3/4 of the way to the hotel lugging a 50lb plus messenger bag in the rain. Jordan grabbed it for the last block because the thought of carrying it one more step made me want to pass out. Then Eric carried up the treacherous metal stairs to the attic where we are staying tonight (its the top floor of this chuchi hotel that is pretty much a mini hostel). If it wasn´t for the boys I probably would have thrown my back out and died face down in the muddy streets for lack of strength to bring that bag any further.
View of the river between Paraguay and Argentina

After we dropped our stuff we left to meet Rebecca and grab something to eat. At first we were going to go to all you can eat meat but then changed our minds and headed to the mall. On the way to the mall we found some vendors and Jordy and I picked up a couple of guampas then we went to the supermarket and loaded up on yerba mate and bombillas to round out the set. We crossed the street afterwards and entered the fanciest mall I have ever seen in my entire life. There was the Nike store, Adidas store, Quicksilver, and places I had never even heard of before. We headed to the food court where the choices were Italian, Italian, Chicken, Italian, and McDonalds. It was expensive but the cleanest mall foodcourt I have ever seen. We talked and ate and then headed to Nueva Americana where Eric picked up some much needed new jeans. We met up with Helen who will be joining Jordan and I on our 7am flight to Peru tomorrow and walked back, goodies in hand.
Now we are settling down to some canye and coke and Entourage for the night. We ordered lomito arabe (shwarma) and it looks to be a long but good night. The cab arrives at 445am tomorrow. I am so not looking forward to it.
Backpacker waiting for the bus back to Asuncion

Lets hope that no ones luggage is lost on the way back. I am definitely looking forward to seeing and talking to everyone again but will certainly miss all the time I have spent with the boys.
Peace out Paraguay..... maybe next year?

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