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Mexico: Like California only South-er

Map of Mexico


I'm back in Latin America. This time in the tame domesticated land of Mexico. I say domesticated because compared to the other Latin American countries I've been to this is the most like being home. There's no wild frontier. No machine gun toting men. No wild dogs. Maybe it's because I'm in the resort area of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta to be more specific. It's a place designed for tourists but still. There isn't the slightest hint of danger here. It's a little boring.

Regardless we're not in Mexico for an adventure as much as to relax. Relaxation and tanning. The trip here was a bit hectic. No one said taking a 5am flight to the Carolinas would be easy. By the time we arrived the entire family was in a foggy haze. To be honest I don't remember much from that day at all. Well I do remember being accosted by the throngs of timeshare people and tourism salespeople. Like cattle we were wrangled and pushed from one salesperson to another, in our foggy sleep deprived mist stuck listening to them sell zipline tours of the canopy and swimming with the dolphins. Personally, I blame my gringo mother. She just has a face that says sell me something. Finally we made it out and to the hotel where we were attacked by more timeshare people. This time they broke her down and my parents were signed up for a 90 minute timeshare presentation for Day 2. Besides that the rest of the day was a blur.

Day 2 we awoke fairly early. My parents went off to their timeshare presentation and my brother and I made our way to breakfast. We were suppose to be at the timeshare breakfast with them but the head person misdirected us and we wound up in the restaurant. A giant breakfast of churizo, potatoes, mango, oatmeal and refried beans later it was off to the pool for the rest of the day. Glorious. The pool is ginormous and relaxing. Just cool enough so that it's refreshing but warm enough so you're not freezing. The sun was warm and relaxing. The beach wasn't very big but the sand was nice. The water was murky and reminiscent of the north Atlantic despite being in the Pacific. Disappointing but the pool makes up for it. I had wondered why initially the beach wasn't as popular as the pool here - given the fact that the two are a mere 20 feet from each other - but I was able to see once entering the ocean. Given a choice between clear and murky I chose clear everytime.

Now it's Day 3 - I couldn't resist not having internet and so broke down and paid for it (who still charges for internet anyway?). We're off to the local town of Puerto Vallarta to see what's there. Otherwise it's all breakfast, swimming, tanning, laundry - BSTL


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