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Recommendations from Locals about Seattle, Washington


The rules for international travel have been really difficult to navigate over the last 6 months so I've been thinking of all the places in America that I really liked and want to see, taste, and experience before I leave the country for an extended period of time, at least if things don't stay locked up. 

One of those places is Seattle. I went there on the JetBlue "All You Can Fly" promotion back in 2009. It was so long ago that I don't even have Foursquare/Swarm check-ins to see what I did. I remember really liking it there, like it was some kind of rich Binghamton - all bricks and hippie vibes. My blog post back then only has a few notes on Seattle specifically:


Screenshot of blog post titled "25 Things I Learned on The JetBlue Adventure"
Screenshot of blog post titled "25 Things I Learned on The JetBlue Adventure"

Well it turns out some streamers that I've been hanging out with on Twitch while I work on my side projects are headed to Seattle to visit and I thought well, I want to head there too so why not help them (and myself) and reach out to my friends Eric and Andrea who live out there for the latest on what to do. So here's their recommendations for September 2021

Sushi Kashiba

I traveled through Japan with Eric and his wife Denise while they were living there. That trip to Japan ruined me for life when it came to sushi. Once you eat it out there it's hard to enjoy a lot of sushi places back here in the States cause they're just not as good. Sushi Kashiba is in Pike Place and the owner is a sushi chef from "Jiro Dreams of Sushi." That's a long way of saying if they say they found a sushi place they love then it's really really good sushi. Read about our Japan adventure here.


Described as "the most incredible Persian food" that Eric's ever had. Honestly I might book a trip just on that statement alone.


This is a new upscale Filipino fusion restaurant that not only Eric recommended but the Twitch streamers headed to Seattle were also told to eat there. So there's gotta be something substantial at this restaurant to back up the hype and reviews.

Pike's Place Market

I remember seeing a tour of Pike's Place Market on Real World Seattle. And it was still cool to walk through and see all the little merchant stalls and interesting goods sold there. Plus all the cafes and restaurants in the immediate area. I had some of the best Pho at a place just up the block when I had arrived in the early afternoon. Andrea makes a good point saying it's the "kind of place to be when you first visit."


What's a trip to Seattle without coffee? I don't drink coffee but I was more then willing to dip my toes in that part of Seattle culture especially with so many options out there. After all the original Starbucks is here! It was given a universal "skip it" rating from my friends unless you're looking for cool merch and a long wait on line. Head to Ghost Alley Espresso in Pike's Place Market instead for your fix or my favorite Top Pot.

Cake Donuts

Donuts are one of those desserts in life, along with pastries, where you'd have a hard time finding a bad one but you'd also have a hard time finding the best one. One of my all time favorite donut shops is in Seattle, Top Pot. I love a good cake doughnut. I've been told that I need to check out Mighty O's too.

Yeast Doughnuts

You know those big fluffy doughnuts. Like a classic chocolate frosted. Or those doughnuts that are stuffed with cream or jelly? Those are yeast doughnuts. If those are your jam then head over to General Pourpoise and treat yourself!

Getting Around

When I was there as a young fool I walked the entire weekend, from one end of the city to the other. Back in my day Google Maps didn't have a bus schedule built into it so you either had a car, took a cab, or used your own two feet. Considering how little money back then walking made the most sense to me. Andrea though has enlightened me to other alternatives - the classic electric scooters that live in most American cities these days, as well as the bus of course, and a car share service Gig car that you can sign up for straight from your phone and go.

See the Sights

These are some general tourist must-sees in the city or popular places to check out.

  • Seattle Art Museum
  • Museum of Pop Culture. This is great for any music lover (I'm not so it fell a bit flat)
  • Space Needle. I would skip this one personally. When I close my eyes and think of Seattle I think of the Space Needle, so any photos from there would be nice but when I look at them in 10 years would I even know they were of Seattle?
  • Rainier National Park. There are multiple trails and something for everyone. Plus the greenery!!
  • Troll under the bridge. This was something I found purely by chance and it was really impressive in person. The official name is the Freemont Troll or the Troll's Knoll. Solid spot to check out if you're walking around and the nearby shops and restaurants are great.

There are even more recommendations on where to eat and drink and hang out in Seattle. Too many to share on one post really, unless you feel up for reading a full novel. Instead you can find all of the above recommendations as well as some bonus ones on this Google Map that I created. Feel free to share with your friends and family!


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